There are tons of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, with more that we have yet to discover. A cannabinoid that we don’t talk about a lot is cannabinol, which is considered the sleepy cannabinoid since it’s really good for those who have insomnia. This is something that does have a lot of therapeutic benefits that can be put into health regimens too. 

How this work 

This is something that doesn’t stem from cannabigerol, but this is something that is more from THC as the cannabis starts to age, and it degrades when it’s exposed to UV light as well. It has some psychoactivity, but it’s far less psychoactive than the THC counterparts. With THCA converting into other sorts of parts, including cannabinolic acid, when you heat this, you then make CBN. 

Uses and Benefits 

This is considered the sleepy cannabinoid. Besides insomnia though, it treats MS, chron’s disease, pain that’s chronic, and other challenging along with debilitating conditions. There is debate though on the effects of CBN. Some of them say that there is a slight psychoactive result from this, while others don’t feel anything from this as well. It could help with the following conditions: 

  • Pain, since it is a painkiller that’s mild and anti-inflammatory 
  • Anti-epileptic, so it does treat convulsions and seizures
  • An appetite stimulant that helps those who are dealing with chemotherapy nausea along with the reduction of appetite 
  • It’s an antibacterial, so it can treat bugs such as MRSA 
  • It’s got sedative results, so it’ll be stronger than valium will be, and it’s a good alternative for those who are taking prescription forms of sedatives. 

This also is possibly good for treating glaucoma and also may be a neuroprotectant and another way to treat this. This is also good for intraocular eye pressure and is great for those who have high blood pressure that also may create glaucoma, as it ca be a possible way to treat this. 

Side Effects 

Of course none of this doesn’t come with some side effects that are not clear. Right now, there is nowhere near enough research for scientists to say exactly whether or not CBN causes stuff or not, or if it has similar side effects compared to other cannabinoids. But one of the main things that DCBN is used for is insomnia, which is a side effect. The biggest side effect to this is that it does make you sleepy, so you should not operate machinery or try to drive wit this happening. It also may interact with some prescription meds, and you should talk to a doctor before having this with other kinds of drugs that you may have bee taking up to this point as well. 


If you grow cannabis, you need to wait for the cannabis to age a lot before you harvest this. You should see ethe trichomes become a rich and amber color in the way that it looks. Cannabis that’s aging is the best way for you to get enough CBN. When you’re getting products from the store, make sur that you pick the right ones. CBN also may have a lot of THC in it too. 

You simply take a drop of this, put it on your wrists or your forehead to get a good night sleep. You can also take this sublingually within a tincture as well to combat insomnia. Some people like to put this in chamomile tea and different soups too in order to get the effects of this, without the groggy nature that comes from pills that help you sleep.