What is THC Syrup 

THC syrup is a viscos liquid that consists of glycerin, cannabis concentrate, and sweetener. This is similar to thick cough medicine and offers the same benefits that normal edibles too. This is a lot more discrete than some of the other types of THC products out there, and it’s very potent. It’s something that can offer powerful applications. This is made through mixing all of this together, and the highs are longer, incredible compared to normal edibles, and definitely something worth looking at. This is something that is viscous, so it’s like a cough syrup, but it doesn’t taste like medicine, but this has a lot of sugar, and it’s something that should be enjoyed with moderation of course. Those who have diabetes should definitely be careful about this one, and try for alternative methods as well for best results. 

How is this made? 

This is made through the following process. 

  1. First, it’s extracted directly from the flower itself, is decarbed to convert it directly to THC, and then is processed. If you’re using hash oil or concentrate, skip step 1. 
  2. Macie the syrup by adding equal water and sugar parts and then boil this over medium or low heat 
  3. Add the flower, and then heat it for about 30 minutes on low. 
  4. Take the heat down and then add a couple of tablespoons of vegetable glycerin for every three cups of the liquid itself 
  5. Cook this on very low for about another five or so minutes then takes it off the heat.  You’ll also want to strain the plant matter out of there to remove it, then store this in a jar that is airtight. 

Uses and Benefits 

This pretty much is used in the same way that you would an edible and is basically smokeless options out there. This is definitely good for those who don’t want to smoke, and don’t want to ignite the flower. This also is a bit faster acting than other infused edibles, and usually kick in within 30 minutes post consumption. You should always take the dose, and then wait 30 minutes. Only after you’ve recognized that you’ve been unable to feel the effects that you should take more. 

The biggest benefit is inflammation and chronic pain, which is why a lot of people turn to this. It offers pain relief, and other consumption that is a much easier way to get into concentrates. This also is a powerful way to regulate nausea, and helps those who suffer from IBS, eating disorders, and other digestive conditions, and also are good for those who are dealing with chemotherapy and the nausea that comes with that. 

Risks and side effects 

This is something that does come with a risk. A high dose does create this, so you should always talk to your doctor to figure out the best syrup amount, and the right conditions and your physiology too. It’s important to note though that this is one of the more potent products that are out there and newer uses should start with lower dosages when they’re experimenting at first. 

You should never mix this with alcohol however, since this can create dangerous side effects, especially in terms of psychopharmacological results that come from this. Also, it does contain a high amount of sugar, so if you’re someone who is a diabetic or prediabetic, this is something that you should be mindful of, and make sure that you do keep in consideration if you do have to watch your blood sugar and any other aspects of this as well. 

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