Al about Terpineol 

The cannabis plant does have a ton of different cannabinoids along with terpenes that work together to create effects, aromas, flavors, and whatnot. One molecule called terpineol is one that actually helps with a lot of different aspects of this. 

This is actually referring to one of the four major monoterpenes that happen in over 150 different plants, including cannabis. The most common called alpha-terpineol is one that has a citrus smell to it and is herby too.  Terpineol is something that is common in strains with pinene, so it’s something that’s a bit more subtle than you’d think. Terpineol is something found in cajuput, cardamom, and also pine oil too, with a lot of applications including being an antioxidant, also being anticancer, antiulcer, anticonvulsant, and also is good for any pain-inducing issues that may come about. 

So what is it? 

Rather than just being our normal terpene that’s a singular use, this is pretty much a terpene alcohol. This refers to one of the four that’s similar to normal terpenes, but also has hydroxyl on one side of composition of the chemicals. This is something with different scents to it too. 

Alpha terpineol is something that is lilac in odor and a lot lighter that’s similar to peaches Beta terpineol is something that’s woodsy, similar to trees that are freshly cut Gamma terpineol is something with a citrus smell to this Finally, you’ve got teprinen-4, which is something that’s earthy, but also woodsy in tone as well. Terpineol is something that occurs in different plants from flowers to spices to fruits, this all exists. 

It also is used in some essential oils such as eucalyptus and pine oil, and it does give that pine scent or a lilac scent too. It’s really good for the skin, so it’s something incorporated in a ton of different beauty products and cosmetics too. The main smell to it is one that’s piney or smokey or something that smells like peaches. This also is a very helpful insect repellant too. 

The Health Benefits 

Terpineol has been used for a long time, and it’s something that is used to treat the flu and colds and is called “nectar of kinds” for the reason of the scent and the benefits of such. While the research is sparse at best, this is something that offers promising uses to this.According to two separate studies in both 2007 and 2010, tis s something that’s anti-inflammatory, is good for also being used to treat inflammatory conditions. 

Some researchers back in 2011 did compare antioxidants resulting in terpineol and other terpenes that are there and has a variety of antioxidant results to this too. Some have also said that this may be used to battle cancer cells in the body too, according to a study in 2010. It was found that since it was able to inhibit the cells growth through in vitro research, it might be used as a way to treat various types of cancers. 

Finally, back in 2012 there was a study looking at the antimicrobial properties that are there, and even those low terpene types such as linalool were actually great for cleaning the mouth and also getting rid of other bacteria too. Right now, there isn’t much risk to this, but it’s something that can definitely cause irritation of the skin or a derma response if you are allergic to it. If you want to take this for your health and wellness, this is something that you should look into, and make sure to test on a skin patch before use. 

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