What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) 

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO is a very potent and viscous dark brown or black oil. This is a result from stripping the cannabis of the trichomes, which offer a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes in this. This is pretty much a powerhouse of healing parts to it, and a bunch of THC added to this. 

Created by a guy named rick Simpson fittingly, RSO is helped because it is great for treating skin cancer. Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer, and he dove into the research surrounding this. From here, he developed cannabis oils that he applied directly to the skin. After a few days, they were gone. Sold on the effects of marijuana, Simpson was able to cultivate, harvest, and grow his own plants, creating RSO that we know today. 

How This Works 

Think of this as purified hashish, where the trichomes and the resin get separated directly from the plant to create a concentration of cannabinoids in this. The theory is that the potent mix of these do help treat conditions b “soaking” the body with these cannabinoids, so it may help fight cancer cells within and throughout your body. There are differences between this and cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is an infusion of cannabis into either coconut, olive, or MCT oil. RSO is oily concentrate that’s made from the cannabinoids of the material of the plant, so it’s more similar to has or other kinds of concentrates that are out there. RSO is full-spectrum, which means that they contain a bunch of compounds including THC. It also has a lot more THC than cannabis oil does, and the concentrations of this does make this more potent down the line than other cannabis oils. 

How to Make 

You mix this by doing the following: 

  • Mixing pure alcohol with the cannabis in order to make a solvent 
  • Strain it to get rid of the other plant material 
  • Heat this to get rid of alcohol and contaminants 
  • You’ll get a thick oil that’s brown and black, using it as you desire, including as an edible. 

Making this at home is potentially dangerous though, and it’s not recommended. 

The Health Benefits 

RSO is great for fighting cancer, but it also works with other kinds of therapies too, and it can actually be effective for treating a lot of things. Generally, you ca use this for one of the following: 

  • Asthma 
  • MS 
  • Arthritis 
  • MRSA and other infection s
  • High blood pressure 
  • Insomnia 
  • Depression 
  • Inflammation and inflammatory diseases 

Generally when it comes to dosing, this is dependent on the wage, intercourse, and other factors that go into this, and usually, you want to do 60 grams over a 90 day period, with patients that are doing this having about three doses of this a day, with only a drop of this about the size of a grain of rice, applied either on the skin, or ingested every eight hours or so. 

From there, they should double the dose after about four days, and continue to do this every four days.  At about five weeks, you should up this to a gram of this a day until all 60 of these grams are used. This is the usual type of recommendation that you give to those that are using this to treat cancer, but this is something that you can benefit from regardless of the dosages and other information that you have, and also other benefits that may come from this as well for you. 

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